We had a really fun day today for Carson’s birthday. We had a little party this afternoon for just our families, but that turns out to be a decent-sized group of people who spoil C-dog. Plus, you know, I had my heart set on some seriously cool Elmo cupcakes and decor. But there was only one way to provide this amazing little celebration for my beloved child: send him away. That’s right–I had my inlaws take Carson last night and this morning so we could properly clean and prepare. It was a lifesaver! I will say, it is so much more fun when the child really begins to understand what is going on! I’ll try to post more pics of the general family merriment, but here’s some pics I took with you blog readers in mind.
Here’s the Elmo hats you heard about in the video the other day. Doesn’t he look happy!?
The finished product! Goofy and fun Elmo cupcakes. Not exactly bakery material, but perfect for a 2 year old’s birthday and some very encouraging friends and family.

We start with some furry cupcakes. Actually, it started WAY before this picture, but this is when I got the camera out. These little babies were ridiculously time consuming, and the learning curve for cake decorating is pretty steep, but I still had fun. Have you ever tried to get a true red frosting? I hadn’t. When decorating a few sugar cookies at Christmas, I’d settled for a holiday pink. It is insane! Not to mention, it is a MESS. Somewhere between staining my hands orange (the nose), getting red spots on my shirt and turning my sink black (Elmo’s mouth) I began referring to the food coloring as The Devil’s Paint.

Then we add some little eyeballs made out of marshmallow fondant. If you have made fondant, you know what a joke that is.

Little orange noses also with MM fondant.

And voila! Tower O’ Elmo!