We have some dear friends with three kids with whom we have gone camping a couple times. Their kids have SO much fun, and get SO dirty. The mom, Michelle, and I talked about how she is totally fine with this, and almost feels like the dirtier they get, the more fun they are having. Doesn’t bother her at all. I love her! She’s so laid back! I am NOT like her. Let me clarify: I am not a neat freak. My car and my bathroom are notoriously unclean. I WISH I were more of a clean freak in some areas of my life, because I love when things are clean, especially my offspring. I just have a hard time letting Carson get down and dirty. People tell me this will change with subsequent kids. But my uptight nature in this regard is probably why I have never consented to letting Carson paint. So last night we took the dive! We started slow…just one color, huge paint shirt and doing it outside. He had a blast, so I know we’ll do it again soon.