Well, sort of. We moved into our new place last Saturday, and won’t have internet or TV hooked up until tomorrow, a week later. I am such a wuss! I am dying without that connection to the outer world. I had to come over to my parents’ house this morning, because I just could not wait one more day to check my email. Besides, I have come to set a fairly high standard in the frequency of blog postings, and my regular readers have mentioned their concern. Then again, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you either love me a lot or you really don’t have a lot of other things going on in your life. Well, let this hold you over until I can post pictures of new things. Here are some pictures of our trip to California a few weeks ago. These are pictures of my friends’ beautiful kids.
We got to meet Baby Tanner, Howie and Kipp’s little boy.

Carson was THRILLED to get to “hold” Tanner. He is practicing for his new cousin. 🙂
Here is Lexi, Kristi and CT’s youngest, celebrating my birthday with me, albeit rather involuntarily.

This is the adorable Haley, in a moment of reflection, pondering what it must feel like to be so old like Aunt Jen.