On the fourth of July, we went down to Harrisburg with Trent’s family, where his Grandma Evelyn lives. The small town gets very festive, with the parade being the pinnacle of the holiday excitement. To add some extra “summer” fun, it was running in the high 90’s.
Aunt Michelle took Carson to see the helicopter, and when it took off, he watched in awe and then asked for “more.”
Taking a break in the shade.
And THEN….the parade started.
Interpreting Carson’s thoughts. “What is this strange place you guys have taken me? Why were those crazy people with rainbow wigs and red noses just honking horns and laughing in my face? Why does everyone throw handfuls of things at me, and why are all these other children fighting over it?”
“Aaaa! And why are those big red trucks making such scary noises!! Take me home!!!”“OK, this is helping.”“Yeah, I can get on board with this.”

20 minutes later, taking a break in the shade with Daddy and Grandpa Phil…still working on the orange sucker.

45 minutes later–I kid you not–still nursing the orange sucker. When we look at these pictures, Carson still mimes eating that thing. It was obviously a high point in his young life.