Today the three of us drove over to Silver Falls, where there are about 10 waterfalls and trails all around. We decided to go for the South Falls, and it soon brought back some memories of going there as a kid.
Bummer. Bad lighting.
This is Carson in the lodge for our pre-hike diaper change/potty break. I love rosey cheeks!
These pictures are at the top of the falls, which is unnervingly high, but gorgeous.

This viewpoint is about halfway down, and you can see it is already getting pretty misty!
One of my favorite memories was the fact that you can walk under this huge waterfall. (Last of the Mohicans, anyone?) While I stopped to take these next pictures under the falls, Trent said “Should we turn around here?” “No!” I said! “We need to go all the way under! It’s fun!”You can see the trail along the left of the pic. I mean, look how cool this is!
What cannot be captured on film, is that about 15 feet beyond this spot, all hikers get SOAKING WET! I mean, Splash Mountain has nothing on this drenching. Oops. Did NOT remember that part. Trent and Carson were walking quite a ways in front of me, and as I was running through what felt like an actual extension of the waterfall, I began to hear the cries of my soaking wet baby boy and husband, with “I told you so” face on, waiting in a small cave covering. But we all laughed about it (well, not Carson–but he got over it quickly). The real bummer is, the camera battery died at that point, so we don’t have any shots of us and our soppy clothes/hair. It was a good memory!