Our weekend was full of fun and celebration as we welcomed a new Auntie into our lives. Trent’s brother Chad got married to Jess, and we couldn’t be happier. Chad was only 11 years old when trent and I met, so I’ve known him more than half his life! He truly feels like my little brother. We were all honored to be involved in the ceremony: Trent as a groomsman, Carson as the ring bearer and I got to sing. Carson was pulled down the aisle in a silver wagon by two flower girls. on the way down, there was a sign on the back of the wagon that said “Here comes the bride,” and on the way out, it said “Just married!” Too cute. I was extremely nervous about whether or not he would cooperate, as Carson’s mood swings around large groups of people can be pretty drastic! But he made it–barely. In fact, I was so focused on keeping him focused (and bribed with cookies) that I forgot to take a picture of the wagon! I did get some pictures of the dress rehearsal and the wedding. The couple was gorgeous and our little guy was pretty good looking himself. Chad and Jess, if you are reading this: congratulations! We love you.
Chad is on the other side of this window playing with Carson.Hey, I could get used to this!Carson and his doppleganger.That shirt would not stay tucked in!This picture doesn’t capture it, but when Carson saw Jess for the first time, he wouldn’t stand posed next to her for pictures, because he was so enraptured and wanted to stand in front of her and look up at her! He was pretty adorable, and she looked beautiful.