So, we’ve been back from our vacation for a day and a half, but I’ve been procrastinating updating the blog because I don’t have pictures. Long story–still trying to get them off of the camera. BUT! We had a great time in Phoenix. The central excuse for meeting up with our college buddies was a suprise 30th b-day party for our friend, Ashley. He was very surprised, which was fun. He thought he was going to a kiddie carnival. We spent the rest of the weekend all playing slumber party at Ashley and Jaime’s house, and had so much fun playing poker, watching movies, going out to eat and keeping the kids busy. Carson was the lone male representative of the non-fetal kids present (Baby Tanner is still cooking in his mommy’s tummy for 6 more weeks.) There were four other girls and Carson. He traveled pretty well and other than his usual poor sleep habits, he was very mellow and loved being entertained by lots of aunties and uncles and kiddos around. Uncle Kipp taught him how to do the “pound” fist thingy–what is that really called? Think Howie Mandell on D.O.N.D. He also learned to say “uh-oh.” Yeah! Exciting stuff, that! Hopefully pictures will be soon to follow. It was a treat to come back to SNOW!