OK, this is a funny story. The first night we were in NY, we ate at
Juniors. (Shout out to Sarah and Tommy, who introduced us to the best cheesecake EVER!) We were sitting at a window right near an empty patio. All of a sudden, we see video cameras and hear singing. Soon, this crew of smiley-face-sign holding people in Walmart getup start singing and dancing down the alley towards us. I was thinking, good grief! I knew this was Broadway, but do they really tap their way down the alleys with soundtracks playing? It turns out it was a promo and interview with a local TV station for an off-broadway musical called “Walmartopia” in which an employer sues the company or something. Let’s just say the only lyric I heard was “The prices are low, but our wages are lower…” But it was fun to get a front-row seat!
We laughed. A lot.
This was the lobby of our hotel: Milford Plaza. I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area. Don’t judge it by the couches.