We’ve all heard funny stories about mom’s catching their babies putting nasty things into their mouths. So far I have nothing gross enough for blog-worthiness, but I do think it is funny that Carson is definitely experimenting with what can fit into his mouth. I have to be pretty diligent about keeping the floor clean and watching him. The funniest part is that he is currently still in a phase where if he does find something to put in his mouth, he’s not very covert about it.
Usually when he’s wandering around playing or exploring or whatever, I can hear him chatting or banging things or opening, etc. But when he gets quiet, I know he’s found something. Throughout the day, if we make eye contact, he has his mouth open, tongue out or he’ll give me a real smile. However, if he has put something in his mouth, his lips are pressed together and eyes and brows are concentrating. When he’s trying to be sneaky, he’ll actually give me a partial, close-lipped smile. It is the proverbial cat with the canary in his mouth look.

So far, the collection of items have gone from the harmless (piece of graham cracker, part of a napkin, actually just chewing on his own tongue) to the potentionally dangerous (penny, baby fingernail clippers, water bottle lid). I’m dreading the day when I reach in there and find a dead bug or something. But for now, I’ll just try to keep him from choking on the random remnants he gets his chubby little hands on and keep one eye on the kiddo.