Oh my. I’m in So. Cal. right now (the OC actually) and it is so beautiful. I forgot how much I missed this weather. Today is actually a little overcast, but the other days have been sunny, 70’s and slightly breezy, which is exactly what I remember most days being like between March and October. It is SO wonderful. It’s been fun to introduce C-dogg to all of our best buds. He got to meet several new friends, including Keenan, Carlee and Haley. Haley and Carlee are both anticipating new babies in their house, so they are studying him closely. As much fun as I’m having, I’m also realizing how hard it is to travel alone with a baby. I wish Trent were here! There is so much sunshine and light in the houses, so many new toys and people that he is basically refusing to take naps. FUN! But it is all worth it to watch Haley kiss him and ask all morning about “Baby Carnon go poo-poo? Baby Carnon seep in my bed?” Being with old friends is like coming home, and I know they love my baby as much as I love theirs, even thought we don’t see each other very often. Thanks, Howie, for helping make this trip possible! Many pics to come, I’m sure.