Me and Auntie Beck
We went snowboarding this weekend with Mike and Beck. Well, actually, they skied and we snowboarded. So far, I have only gone snowboarding about 6 times in my life over a span of 3 years. Each time I have some fun, but I’m not good enough to have a lot of fun, and I’m not daring enough to learn how to be better, and I don’t go often enough to get better by practice. So, I decided the reason I go is so that I can tell people “I snowboard” in the present tense. Sometimes being a mom can make me feel quite old and miss my college-like self, living in So. Cal. all carefree and not feeling the aches everyday from the way pregnancy and delivery wreaked havoc on my body. Once when I was pregnant, but having a particularly good hair day, a young cute guy in a car next to me gave me a nod and a smile. I laughed hard at that one, picturing his little face if he saw me get out of the car with my basketball tummy and all the implications that come with it. (I won’t lie, though–it made my day. Sorry, Babe.) However, now I love those implications. I cherish this new season in my life, even though I’m getting older. So now, I’ll just go snowboarding so I can feel 21 again. Well, actually, I FEEL like I’m about 80 because I’m so sore, but I can tell people I went snowboarding and SOUND like I’m 21!