I know some people think it is lazy and annoying, but before last September I was an expert and habitual snoozer–I hit the snooze button at least once every day before getting out of bed. And I managed to be a functional and productive adult! I’m just one of those people who wakes up VERY slowly. (My husband interjects “True story” here.) However, since Carson was born, I think I’ve set an alarm clock one time in the last six months. My alarm clock is the cry of my little screamer at any and all hours of the night and day. It has no rhyme or reason, it seems there is nothing I can do before I fall asleep to ensure any sense of schedule, and…there is NO snooze button. I could not be more in love with my little guy, but by far the hardest part of being a mommy so far has been the lack of sleep. I truly believe it would be a successful method of torture for prisoners of war. If only babies came with snooze buttons. That’s my grown up Christmas wish.