Five Stages of Summer Vacation Acceptance

As a mostly stay-at-home-mom with two kids in school, I have mixed feelings about summer vacation.  I adore my kids, and love spending time with them.  They are three of the most funny, creative and energetic people in earth.  But during the hours and hours of unstructured free time at home from mid-June to theContinue reading “Five Stages of Summer Vacation Acceptance”

A new and glorious morn

My intentions for writing about several of my favorite Christmas lyrics went the way of so many good bloggy intentions.  [Disappeared into a fog of real life.]  But it’s not too late!  Christmas hasn’t passed yet.  I loved hearing from so many of you about your favorite Christmas lyrics.  I’m almost out of time, soContinue reading “A new and glorious morn”

Shorty Story: doctor’s visit

I started to title this “Short Story”, but I accidentally typed “Shorty Story,” and now I like that way more.  Sometimes I don’t blog because I feel like it needs to be long and thoughtful, or long and spiritual, or long and hilarious.  Sometimes it just needs to be shorty.   So, this handsome kidContinue reading “Shorty Story: doctor’s visit”