Refined in the fire with every poopy diaper.

This weekend Trent and I were able to join over 1,000 adoptive and foster parents at the Refresh conference near Seattle.  It was a great weekend, spending time together with no kids, connecting with other adoptive parents, and seeing lots of my Called to Love girls again.  We also attended several great seminars and sessionsContinue reading “Refined in the fire with every poopy diaper.”

Top Four Embarrassing Summer Moments

BONUS  Moment #5: I never, ever, EVER remember that there are two “r’s” in the word embarrassing until spell check reminds me.  Never. #4:  Because of their frustratingly similar packaging–darn you, Target UP brand!–I literally opened and touched a glue stick to my face instead of the kids sunscreen face stick.  (Yes, I use theirsContinue reading “Top Four Embarrassing Summer Moments”

How I learned to love my muffin top

OK: confession.  I need to edit the title already, because that was kind of a lie.  The rest of this post will be filed under: How I learned to love accept my muffin top. And to be honest, even the accepting part is an ongoing commitment, not a done deal.  (And in case you live inContinue reading “How I learned to love my muffin top”

5 Stages of Summer Break Acceptance

As a mostly stay-at-home-mom with two kids in school, I have mixed feelings about summer vacation.  I adore my kids, and love spending time with them.  They are three of the most funny, creative and energetic people in earth.  But during the hours and hours of unstructured free time at home from mid-June to theContinue reading “5 Stages of Summer Break Acceptance”