Confession du jour: I’m that mom

My oldest (aka: PFB, or Precious FirstBorn) is smart and sassy.  He loves cracking jokes and making his friends laugh, but doesn’t always have a good read on the room as far as the grown-ups are concerned.  If a wise-crack comes into his mind, it comes out of his mouth, and not always at theContinue reading “Confession du jour: I’m that mom”

How I learned to love my muffin top

OK: confession.  I need to edit the title already, because that was kind of a lie.  The rest of this post will be filed under: How I learned to love accept my muffin top. And to be honest, even the accepting part is an ongoing commitment, not a done deal.  (And in case you live inContinue reading “How I learned to love my muffin top”

Tic-Tac-tOH my gosh can we please play something else?!

My adorable little 5 year old redhead just learned to play tic-tac-toe.  She got a $1 “Hello Kitty” white board fromTarget as a reward for good behavior and it has 3 tic-tac-toe game frames on it.  It’s been about three days and I’m possibly going to saw the board in half and put it atContinue reading “Tic-Tac-tOH my gosh can we please play something else?!”