Friday Favorites: My Heart-pulls Collide

Do you guys remember the old commercials for Reese’s PB Cups from the 80’s?   The premise was: who was the first person who combined chocolate and peanut-butter?  Because it changed the world as we know it.  I think in one of the scenes, some guys tried the combo and said “Hey, let’s go tellContinue reading “Friday Favorites: My Heart-pulls Collide”

Friday Favorites: nutritious and generous

Some of you may remember my birthday post from 2013, where I asked you all to “like” a new business called Encompass Nutrients.  During that month, for every “like” Encompass received on f@cebook, they donated $1 to Destiny Rescue.  (Destiny Rescue is an organization very near and dear to my heart that fights human trafficking inContinue reading “Friday Favorites: nutritious and generous”