Friday Favorites: nutritious and generous

Some of you may remember my birthday post from 2013, where I asked you all to “like” a new business called Encompass Nutrients.  During that month, for every “like” Encompass received on f@cebook, they donated $1 to Destiny Rescue.  (Destiny Rescue is an organization very near and dear to my heart that fights human trafficking inContinue reading “Friday Favorites: nutritious and generous”

Shorty Story: doctor’s visit

I started to title this “Short Story”, but I accidentally typed “Shorty Story,” and now I like that way more.  Sometimes I don’t blog because I feel like it needs to be long and thoughtful, or long and spiritual, or long and hilarious.  Sometimes it just needs to be shorty.   So, this handsome kidContinue reading “Shorty Story: doctor’s visit”