Friday Favorites–Jonah. Yep–Jonah.

With my track record, I must say I’m pretty proud of myself for two Friday Favorites in a row.  [picture me doing closed eyes, overbite and pumping fist in air]  And I KNOW.  It may seem strange to YOU that I can write about my underwear one day and God’s Word the next day, butContinue reading “Friday Favorites–Jonah. Yep–Jonah.”

Top Four Embarrassing Summer Moments

BONUS  Moment #5: I never, ever, EVER remember that there are two “r’s” in the word embarrassing until spell check reminds me.  Never. #4:  Because of their frustratingly similar packaging–darn you, Target UP brand!–I literally opened and touched a glue stick to my face instead of the kids sunscreen face stick.  (Yes, I use theirsContinue reading “Top Four Embarrassing Summer Moments”