Let’s get this train back on track.

Sometimes I get caught in a lousy streak–a lousy parenting streak to be specific.  I can’t tell you how many times my TWO healthy kids have driven me bonkers, and I’ve started comparing myself to other moms who have more children or children with special needs or difficult life circumstances, and I begin to think that a well-trained labradoodle could do a better job at raising these small people than I am.  And just when I’ve mentally crafted my craigslist ad for a nanny, God sends me a sunny day.  A day when [literally] it is not raining, when my kids aren’t yelling at each other, I have a plan for dinner that someone might eat, and maybe someone even makes a special card for me during quiet time. It looks a little like this:


  1. Oh man, I live for those days! I live for the moments when I can hear high-pitched voices in the basement, which tells me the boys are playing together with their firetrucks and lego and doing the voices for all the characters (for some reason, the firemen, police officers and ambulance drivers, not to mention the various accident-prone teddy bears, dolls and playmobil people in our house are all falsettos). I love it when the boys sit down to “read” Elly a story, or when one of them offers to comb her hair after a bath. It helps me get through the OTHER moments!
    Keep up the great Mummy work, Jen!

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