Hold me over.

Our “September Update” on Asher almost did not live up to its name.  In fact, when we got an email today, we were told that the information we received is not the official pre-adoption child update–that will be coming soon.  It had one picture and a short description of his social worker’s check up with him.  Holt Sahathai Foundation, which is Holt’s partner agency in Bangkok, just transitions to a new database for their child management system (all children waiting to be matched, waiting to come home and also sponsored children who will hopefully stay with their bio families).  In short, I don’t understand all the details, but we got a picture!  Just one so far, and hopefully the “official” update will come in a couple weeks with more (and better quality) pictures.

I’m gonna stick with the private blog for pictures….for now.  Click HERE for the link that that one photo.  The password is my maiden name, all lower case letters.  If you don’t know it but would like to see it, feel free to email me at brazenlilly@gmail.com or leave a comment with your email address.  And I’ll send you the background check information.  Ha!  I kid.

Asher’s report says that he is very attached to his foster family, especially the mother.  In fact, the social worker reports that his gross motor skills are slightly delayed because the foster mother “always helps him in all aspects.”  He can sit with minimal assistance and can stand while holding onto furniture.  He has two lower teeth.  🙂  The report says that he recognizes all of the foster family (mom, dad, 2 sisters, and a gma), and enjoys being held by all of them.

I can imagine my pediatric physical therapist of a husband can’t wait to get his hands on a slightly delayed, very loved little man!  I appreciate hearing these details, and imagining Asher being just loved on all the livelong day.  Would I maybe do things differently than the foster mom?  Probably.  But how happy am I that a minor delay is because he is being doted upon?  Very.  Often times delays in adopted children have to do with NOT being held or stimulated enough! The social worker reported that she gave tips to the parents about how to help give Asher get down on the floor with more space to explore and increase his balance and strength.  😉  She also suggested less bottles and more solid food.

These long-awaited reports have 2 affects on me.  First, they make me giddy and more in love with my son!  But second, they make me just a little sad because I want to be with him!  To just grab that little body up out of that walker and snuggle his cheeks!  But each report, and each month, and each day is a day closer to Asher’s homecoming.  When we finally meet him face to face, he probably won’t be in the mood for cheek-snuggling just yet, but I’ll settle for a stolen kiss on that semi-bald head.  Please keep praying for the Thai government to catch up on all the adoption processing that was neglected during the hiatus this summer.  Our April travel is not guaranteed, and more delays might just break my heart in two!


  1. Praying for the Thai government to move quickly! Thankfully, I have passed the background check, and have seen the most recent photo. He’s a doll! I can’t wait to meet him. And if your arms get tired of holding him, I’m happy to take a turn 🙂

  2. Jenn,

    One thing you should know: the foster families in Thailand are bottle feeding Nazis!! I’ve never seen anything like it. When Lily was a year old they were still waking her up at night to give her an 8 oz bottle. Yes, you heard right. WAKING HER UP! A 20 lb. child who was sleeping fine through the night! LOL! She also ate 3 regular meals and snacks and had something like 6 bottles of formula a day in addition to other fluids. When we got to Thailand and saw the “list” of her preferred foods, which was literally 2 pages long, I nearly fell over! Thais believe a chubby baby is a healthy baby, so this kind of feeding is normal (and explains Asher’s to-die-for cheeks; Lily had them, too. She also had, um, thunder thighs). Lily was also very, very attached to her foster mom. It’s good that they prepared me by telling me that, because I wasn’t quite as devastated and shocked when we met her and she wanted nothing to do with me, but then lit up like a Christmas tree when we brought her back to her foster family. The good thing is that an attached child KNOWS how to attach, and that’s ultimately a positive thing for you and your child even if the initial separation is difficult.

    Asher is absolutely, positively squeezably cute!

  3. I was gone over the weekend and just now got to my phone messages. LOVE the new pic! (I can check through Lee’s facebook.) Man, seeing his face makes it crazy hard to wait! Not that my mentioning that makes it any easier for you to wait.:) More updates! More pics!

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