Fresh Start

The last few weeks have been Crazy with a capital C.  I completely forgot to tell you all that I was asked to be a guest blogger!  My friend Natalie at Blonde at Heart asked me to write a post while she was on vacation.  All her other guest bloggers wrote these cute posts about fashion and decorating.  What did I post about?  Toots.  Yep.  I pulled out some pretty embarassing moments, b/c I didn’t want to be boring.  So go read my post and let me know if you’ll ever want to hang out with me again.
We had a great, long holiday weekend over Labor Day.  It’s our annual trek to the beach and Camp Winema, where we attend a family camp.  We added a day this year, so we were gone for 5 days, then came back and jumped right into the new beginnings of school!  Sydney started preschool on Tuesday.  (FYI, the rest of this post is mostly for my own journaling and memory.  Might be pretty boring for the general public.)  I was a little nervous, and I think she was too, but not too bad.  She has the same teacher and classroom that Carson did all of last year, so it is a place and person with whom she is pretty familiar.  We had a minor clothing battle over the shoes (not near as bad as Carson’s first day of preschool), but she ended up wearing a pair I approved and even let me spray and comb her wild hair, which is a good thing.
It was a random coincidence that Trent had the day off AND Carson hasn’t started school yet, so all 3 of us were there to drop her off.  I noticed her confidence start to waver a bit (along with the lower lip) so Trent wisely suggested that Carson and I say goodbye, and he would hang out a couple more minutes.  He said she didn’t cry when he left, and I’m choosing to believe him.  🙂
When I went to pick her up, the class was still outside playing, and the aide was holding Syd.  Hmmm…not a great sign of independence, but the teachers didn’t say anything, so I’ll assume it wasn’t a big deal.  She’s younger than Carson was when he started preschool, and I’m really glad we decided to put her in.  I think she can use the social experience and also some help with numbers and letters!  Plus, let’s be honest, she and I could use some time away from each other a couple days a week.  Absence makes our hearts grow fonder and 2.5 hours is perfect!
Today Carson is doing a “practice” day of kindergarten, where they will show him the ropes and assess him.  Then we will find out what class he’s in and start next Tuesday.  I didn’t take any pictures, b/c I decided this is NOT the first day of school.  So, more journaling continued next week…


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