More dreams fulfilled.

 I am blessed with amazing in-laws.  They are loving, godly, generous and kind.  And they love their grandkids!  My mother-in-law is definitely a girlie girl.  Her favorite color is pink and she’s a big fan of the manicure/pedicure.  She knows the entire family tree and life story of her favorite nail salon workers.  I’m not sure howContinue reading “More dreams fulfilled.”

The force was strong with him.

 We did, indeed, celebrate Asher’s birthday on Friday night.  Here’s some awkwardly posed self-timer shots with the camera propped up on the BBQ.  Probably should have called a neighbor over.  Or maybe I need a tripod for Christmas?  Anyway, we ordered from our fave Thai place and had cupcakes.  Ignore the children’s strange vacant staresContinue reading “The force was strong with him.”

“I survived the Warrior Dash!”

That’s what the t-shirts say, and that’s what I say!  The Dash (as those of us who know the course intimately can call it) was SO. AWESOME.  I’m not kidding!  Yes, it was hard.  Yes, it was filthy muddy.  Yes, the obstacles were crazy.  Yes, I overexerted my out-of-shape-self into a very near vomit situationContinue reading ““I survived the Warrior Dash!””