Feelin’ the love.

I gotta say thanks for all the really thoughtful and sweet comments and messages ya’ll sent after my last post. It really was a huge source of encouragement for me! I felt the love from our friends and family that have been so right here with us through every step. I loved hearing from other adoptive moms…some who are near us in the waiting journey, others just barely home with their kiddos, and still others whose adopted children are grown. They can relate in an intimate way. And other moms related their support as well–and a kinship we share in this whole business of learning to “let go” of our children. Unfortunately, with adoption, I’m learning to let go before I ever have him in my arms, but it’s something that continues to happen…whether it’s kindergarten, college, or marriage! But one thing that so many of you pointed out was that my intense sadness over not having Asher here is a step of connectedness towards him. Adoptees are not the only ones who have to learn to bond….we as his adopted family need to form an attachment to him as well. As someone pointed out, this mourning is a sign that God is placing a mother’s love inside my heart for a child I’ve never met, who lives half a world away. It’s a good, good thing. 🙂
It also helped that we were able to put together our next care package for Asher and mail it off today. Here’s the contents of the package, minus a birthday card Carson made after I snapped this shot. My mom finished Asher’s lovey/Minky, we included a special hand-me-down shirt, a photo album, a birthday card and a disposable camera. If you are looking for ways to pray, please pray that his foster family is using the disposable cameras to take pictures of him. 🙂 Stealing the idea from Angie and fam, we took pictures of ourselves giving the polite Thai greeting. (Someone remind me what it is called! I’m too lazy to go check right now.)

This one cracks me up:

The kids were really getting into it:

I’m hoping that these pictures can communicate the story across culture lines…

And PS: Almost five years ago, someone else was wearing that same green striped polo shirt for a very special FIRST birthday. 🙂


  1. SHUT.UP. I know this post wasn’t necessarily supposed to choke me up, but seeing the pictures of the shirt and then Carson at the end wearing it? It just hit me once again Jen that this is all REAL. So very, very real! And Asher is going to be wearing that shirt! Oh hurt my heart!! Love it.

  2. Oh I love this post. Sweet little Asher. I can’t wait until he is home. I love all the pics that you are sending to him. I know I would want to be a part of your family if I saw those. He is already so loved…

  3. I love that you got a shot of the three Minkies together! Did you put it in the dryer with a sheet of Bounce? I love that your kids smell like Bounce fabric softener when I hug them! And Carson…I love the little boy he has become since that first birthday. Yes, I always loved him, but he is becoming more delightful all the time.

  4. It’s a wai (pronounced “why”) and everyone in Thailand does it. When you go to a department store, every sales person will wai to you as you pass by. It’s a very beautiful and respectful sign.

    The foster family will take picture with the camera and you can have them developed while you’re in Bangkok (that’s what we did). Something to look forward to (not that you don’t have enough to look forward to already! 😉

  5. Before even having a chance to read your words, I scrolled through the pictures…I know it’s a little like cheating, but I can’t help it. Loved them all. I was already crying by the time I finally scrolled back up. Praying with you, full of love for Asher, and waiting with you for the day when those Minkies reunite. 🙂

  6. SO CUTE JEN!!! I am so stealing your idea for the next care package (and Angie’s too!). It is so fun to be able to send the packages and I love the hand me down shirt!!! 😉

  7. As you’ve already been reminded it’s called a ‘wai’ and generally the lower ‘rank’ person does it to a higher ‘rank’ person as a sign of respect. Hence ‘wai’ing your hotel room cleaner just makes them laugh at the silly farang. Another tip – the higher your hands are the more respect you are showing. I am glad you have a little one to worry over. I hope we get the phone call soon. It would be nice after all these of waiting to actually be able to do that. 🙁

  8. Wow instant tears when I saw you all in the pictures, especially the one of you Jen. It was like you eye’s were saying I already love you asher…come home baby boy. Wow what a journey this is…will pray they take pictures of him.

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