Yard Sale for Baby T

Our second yard sale for Baby T went really well! If you remember, last year’s June yard sale was ridiculously profitable. I mean, who makes $3,000 at a garage sale? But I’m completely convinced it was God-ordained, b/c we had a $3,000 payment due later that summer. My goal for this sale was $1,000. We still had a LOT of things donated, but not quite as many big ticket items. But thanks to those donations, generosity like a friend handing me $80 cash, another friend paying $300 for an item that cost $200 (which she probably didn’t really need to begin with), and so many other small and generous things added up, we made $1600!
Sidenote: this is one of the big ticket items that didn’t sell yet. I’m putting it on craigslist, but thought I’d mention it. Full surround sound 8 speaker system (plus receiver) in pristine condition. Anyone interested? Make an offer! Can’t ship, so I suppose it’s only for local-ish peeps!
But back to the sale, I always hesitate to single anyone out for thanks, b/c it was such an effort from dozens of people, but I did remember to snap a pic right before a bunch of girls left on Thursday night. They helped me organize, price, hang signs, etc. I’m sure they will not be in favor of posting this pic of them in their work clothes. 🙂 They are Molly, Becky, Amy, [me], Kate, Kristen and Candace. Big shout out also to Jenn, who left right before this picture was taken AND came to work the sale with me on Saturday. I couldn’t have done the sale without help from my sis-in-law, Michelle, and my parents who were a HUGE help all week. My in-laws watched the kids so I could run the sale, which was also SO helpful! But like I said–that’s just the tip of the supportive iceburg, so please don’t feel slighted if I didn’t mention you by name!

This was a pic of the yard was taken on the SECOND day! We sold a ton of stuff the first day–over $850–so this was really scaled down compared to the beginning of Friday. I felt oddly satisfied when I guy came up the driveway after following the signs and said “You weren’t kidding! This IS a huge sale!” We had several tables full of stuff that you can’t clearly see in the pics.

So today I’m feeling grateful, blessed, tired and sore. I can’t wait to tell Baby T someday how hard we worked to bring him (or her) home and how so many people in our lives were willing to help in any way they could. The next few weeks are still really busy, with birthday parties, VBS, two long weekends away–one with each side of the family, Syd’s birthday and, you know, hopefully A REFERRAL in there somewhere. I promise to keep you updated as soon as I can!


  1. Awesome!!! I may be asking you for tips! We are doing one in the fall. We made about $400 last year (which I was happy for) but it would be awesome to make more. 😉 That trip to Thailand will need some serious cash!! 😉

  2. Hi… I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have been popping in ever since. I was a foster mom in Chiang Mai for 2-1/2 short years to a wonderful little boy whom I took care of from 4 weeks old until his forever family came when he was 2-1/2. So of course I love reading adoption stories! It is a miracle straight from the heart of God to see how He matches these precious babies with families that are perfect for them. I was so blessed to be a first hand witness when Ice met his forever family! No doubt God is matching y’all with the “perfect for you” sweet baby as well. May your waiting be short…

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