April 28

On April 28, 2001, I finally married the former commitment-phobe with the quick wit, crooked smile and gorgeous blue eyes. It’s been TEN YEARS and I love him more each day. I’d get way too sentimental and sappy if I wrote all the ways that I love, respect, admire and appreciate him, so instead I’m posting some pictures of our 14.75 years together (including dating). I could not have dreamed up a more amazing and blessed life than the two of us are living right now. He is a wonderful husband, an amazing father and such a hard worker. Happy anniversary, Babe! I love you always.


This was taken just weeks after we started dating. I can tell because of my eyebrows and his hair cut. Did I mention 4.75 years of dating?!

That meant quite a few school dances…

Our engagement picture.

The big day! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years.

He looks exactly the same!

Honeymoon in Hawaii.

Grad school for Dr. Tompkins. He said on this day that I should call him Doctor. That joke lasted for 11 months, at which time I graduated and insisted he call me Master.

Christmases with just the 2 of us.Europe.

New York City.

Then the real adventure began…

Baby #1

Baby #2

Imperfect and happy…ever after.


  1. Great photos! I’d say you sort of kind of have us beat in the dating department–we started dating in October 1996 and didn’t get married until March 2001, BUT we were both 30 at the time we began dating and didn’t have any good excuses like waiting to graduate from high school or college. So…I think that makes my husband the king of the commitment-phobes!

    Congratulations on 10 years! 2001 was a very good year for both of us…FINALLY!

    And April 28 is pretty special for me, too! See blog.

  2. Congratulations!!! 2001 was a great year to get married!! Our ten year annivesary is in August! Hope you get to celebrate your special day!!!! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Okay, I started reading your post with a huge grin on my face. By the time I finished, I had tears in my eyes. (I know…shocker!) It is an incredible joy to see your marriage thrive, Jen! You guys bless our socks off!Way to go on 10 years! Love, Mom

  4. Crap! I’m not just crying, I’m sobbing! What a sweet post that must have taken ages to upload pictures to. I can’t read your words or see you pictures without thinking about this life journey we are all on and how BLESSED am I that I get to journey on it with you as a confidant, friend and sister! I praise the Lord for creating you and Trent exactly, perfectly for each other. Oh, how we love you guys. LOVE.

  5. What God joins together is perfect! I feel so honored to have watched this story unfold. Such a beautiful story. I remember meeting the guy you were dating in Newberg in the parking lot of the church. It was some church gathering. Ten years later I am blessed times 4 and soon 5. I love you so much!!! Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary xoxo

  6. Oh man Jen… you made me tear up! That is such a sweet post. I love the “imperfect… ever after” comment, isn’t that soo true. I love love all the pics… and feel like since we met 9.5 years ago, I can relate to so many aspects of your journey. I love you guys and your beautiful family. Happy anniversary, here’s to many more!

  7. I was going to write something really sweet and sappy ‘cos you guys ARE adorable… but instead I’ll just say the thing that KEPT coming into my head the whole time:

    4.75 Years?! No, seriously – 4.75 YEARS?!

    Woman, you are an example of God’s grace and patience. I salute you…. and am really glad your husband got over it. *wink*

  8. Happy Anniversary! Love the story in pictures… I wish we would have met in person when we lived in OR! Best wishes for 60+ more happy years together. 🙂 -Nikki

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