I’m back!

Well, I successfully avoided all blogs (including mine) and facebook for an entire week. guess what? It wasn’t earth-shattering. I did not have more energy, more patience, more time on my hands. I still struggled to keep the house even remotely clean from day to day. And since I started an on-line continuing ed class, I was still at the computer a lot. But still, it was a good exercise in balance, self-control and techno-dependency. 🙂 The kids and I both cut down our screen time a lot, and it turns out cutting it out of MY life is way easier than cutting it out of theirs!


We had a wonderful Easter, including attending the Good Friday service as a family for the first time. Easter, though, is a whirlwind holiday for those of us involved in music or children’s ministry (which is Trent and me) that starts REALLY early and doesn’t stop until you literally CRASH on the couch at 3:30pm. So I didn’t even get any good pics of our family. I’ll have to post some that my mom took. I kept telling myself that next year we’ll be a family of 5 and I’ll be very purposeful about capturing every second on film!


But probably the highlight of the week was Carson’s first ever t-ball game! It was hilarious. I had no idea how t-ball leagues have adjusted the rules over the years to make things more age-appropriate. First, every single player plays in the outfield when your team is not batting. Two shortstops? Yep. Two pitchers who fight over the ball a LOT, since that’s usually how far the ball goes? Yep. A sea of green uniforms hovering around the bases? Yep! Then, EVERY kid on the roster gets an at-bat in every inning. There are no strikes, no outs, and you stay there until the kid makes contact with the ball in some form. They each proceed only one base for every player at-bat. But the way this is all tolerable? There are only two innings! Here are some pics from the memorable evening:


  1. Yay! You’re back!

    HOW cute is Carson in his t-ball uniform?! What did Sydney think of it all?

    I know it was only a week, but any news on the adoption front?

    Again, I say Yay, you’re back!

  2. Your church is so blessed to have you both in music and children’s ministry.We miss you lots but know that we are all were God wants us to be. Looks like you have been busy in good things(: Hugs to all!

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