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I was going to title this post “Number Two” but that phrase has already caused some confusion in conversation today, so I figured I’d attempt to avoid leading you to believe I’d dedicated an entire post to poop. (Although that’s something I’m entirely capable of.)


Yep–we’re number two on the waiting list! (If you’re new–I mean the waiting list to be “matched” with a child from Thailand. We get a name, face, file, but still wait 8-10 months to travel to Thailand.) There’s been lots of wonderful, frustrating, confusing, enlightening, and encouraging emails and posts going around our little Thai program world lately. FIVE little Thai bebes were matched with their families last month! I don’t know all of them, but I truly celebrate with and for them. You’ll notice that we did not move up five places on the list! Some of the discussion and emails with our agency was just a continued reminder that the process of matching children with families is not a matter of picking up a child’s file and giving the family sitting at #1 a phone call! For instance, in March at least 2 families further up the list than we were got matched, because they truly were a better fit for those children. The Holt Thailand program seems dedicated to purposefully matching a child with a family that is BEST for the child. This is primarily done on the basis of some priority and medical questionnaires we filled out, as well as the age of the child and the age of any children already living in the home. Through our correspondence, I can hear the heart of our case worker and know that she truly empathizes with the waiting families and tries to find a balance between hope and reality. We waiting families are not exactly a low-maintenance group. 😉


However, we cling to any tangible evidence of progress towards seeing our kiddo’s face and embrace our spot at #2. There is every likelihood that June will be our month! Also embracing my friendships with other waiting mamas as we encourage each other to live in the moment, trust God’s timing and learn as much as we can to prepare ourselves to be the best mothers to our future babies as possible. I’m almost done with “Toddler Adoption–The Weaver’s Craft” and will have to dedicate an entire post to it. It’s good but tough stuff.


Thanks for sharing in our excitement and prepare yourself for the freak-show that will be ME in late June.


  1. On that day there will be loud voices of thanksgiving to God by all those that stand with you in prayer. What a great day is coming!!!!! A true honor to walk with you. Love you so much !!!!

  2. LOVE the comment about us not being a low-maintenance group!!! Gotta love us!!! I truly agree with everything you said and can’t wait to see your child’s face when you get your referral in JUNE!!! 😉 PRAYING for you as you wait to live in the moment!!!!! Isn’t it funny that I can love you and I have only corresponded in Internet world?? 😉

  3. We are excited with you! This is another great reminder to be praying for *Peanut* and those who are caring for him/her! We, too, are looking forward to connecting a face and name to the reality that is our new grandchild! Hang in there!

  4. Oh Jen, I TRULY can’t wait for you to get your call and email. The moment you see your child’s face for the first time… I am totally tearing up right now. PRECIOUS. It will be such an amazing moment. One to remember FOREVER! I am so excited for you and your family. On a selfish note, sort-of, our “match” is so far off, that I feel like I am kind of living vicariously through you. So, I too am counting down the days till June, hoping and praying right along with you.

  5. Hope you’re selling tickets. To the freak show I mean. Hmmm, do I smell a creative adoption fundraiser or what?!?!:)

    Love you to pieces and seriously can’t wait. Can we say freak show flash mob?

  6. I was just going to say. “bring on the freak show” cause I will join you in the freakish excitetment and joy of it all. We’re so happy and excited along with you and eagerly anticipating that day. Love you lady!

  7. Every time I talk to you or read your blog posts, I am just overwhelmed with thankfulness that we’ve met in this online world. You guys all make this process and waiting so much easier, because it’s just reassurance that we are not alone, and we will get there! Although I’m VERY HOPEFUL that June will be a “good month” for us too, regardless of that, I CANNOT WAIT to see your freak show!!!!! Sharing in your excitement will be so fun, whether or not we get to start celebrating for ourselves yet ;-).

  8. All of the mommas waiting for referral are on my prayer list. We will all be so excited with you when you are matched with your little one. Here’s to a quick two months 🙂

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