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The first two days of spring break have been pretty laid back. Laid back usually means more screen time at home. At our house both kids enjoy watching TV/movies and Carson enjoys playing the Wii. We call it all Screen Time. It’s a constant temptation for me to allow plenty of Screen Time. The reason is that “Screen Free” time always equals MORE mess and very frequent calls of “Mom! Come here!” “Mom! Look!” “Mommy! Watch me! Watch me!” “Mom! Come look at this!” So it’s virtually impossible to accomplish anything (thus the temptation to let them sit down and watch a movie!).

So today I decided we’re having significantly less screen time. Of course, I’m breaking that rule by doing this blog post (which I’ve been working on for 30 minutes, b/c of all the “watch me!” interruptions), but I thought you’d enjoy what the kids came up with before 8:30am.


They called me into the Carson’s room and I found the mattress off the bed and “Play That Funky Music, White Boy” on the radio. You can’t make this stuff up! (Somehow Carson found a new station on his clock radio.) By the time I grabbed my camera, it was “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog.”

Having the camera on reminded Carson of a dream he’s had for a while. The other night he started dramatically lip syncing to the song I sing for him at bedtime. It made me laugh so hard, I explained to him what lip syncing was and he’s been begging me to video it. I let him choose the song and you’ll be able to tell I was barely containing my giggling while singing. My favorite part is Sydney’s big finale:


  1. What great fun resulted from saying NO to screen time! I remember how hard it was to turn the TV off when you and Mike were young! But how much more rich are moments like these! Love the dancing and lip syncing! Bapaw and I loved it!

  2. Um…have they already cast the lead for the Footloose remake? Because if not, you need to get Carson’s tape in front of the producers. His fancy footwork is out. of. this. world! 😉

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVED IT! And I was thinking the same thing as Pasc, Carson’s got some young James Brown going on with that fancy footwork! They are so cute and yay for you for cutting the t.v down, I agree… it’s hard somedays!

  4. Seriously, SERIOUSLY adorable! And hilarious! You have a funny household. 😀

    And also? Whenever I’m recording my kids and singing, I somehow subconsciously make myself sound not good. But you? You ALWAYS sound good. What’s up with that??

  5. Too funny! I love this idea, we just recently imposed our own “media-free” times at home. In this technology rich world, we’re trying to be careful to keep Emerson’s creative/imaginative play alive and thriving… and seems to me your kids certainly are thriving 🙂 Good Job! XO

  6. I have left a comment on your blog before, but it put that my Husband Stephen had left it. But anyway, that was hilarious! It reminds me of my 2 boys. That is one of their fave activities, for us to turn on some music and just let them go nuts! My 5 yr old son watched the videos, and cracked up! Thanks for brightening our day!!

  7. So fun!! Love less tv time and more time for creativity!! What song was he dancing to in the first video? I do a dvd for my MIL every year and that song would be perfect. Your kids are so cute!!!

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