For Jack

I don’t have anything brilliant floating around in my head to blog about, but I remembered this one pic from Cali I forgot to post. I was with some of my girlfriends, enjoying one of the “SWITCH” hours, where the moms and dads switch off the kids so each group gets to go on a grown-up ride or two. We saw Handy Manny and my heart seriously jumped, thinking reflexively that one of my kids loves him. Then I realized it wasn’t one of my kids, but my nephew, Jack. He even had a Handy Manny birthday party! So, even without kids, I asked Manny to pose with me for a pic.
This is for you, Jack! Funny side story: when we saw him, one of my friends (who has a young daughter, evidently not a huge Handy Manny fan) said “Oh, it’s Bob!” [as in: the Builder. Wrong guy, wrong channel.] Manny, who is not allowed to talk, expressed his dismay by throwing his head back and raising his hands in the air. It was pretty funny.


  1. Sweet Auntie to take a picture with Handy Manny ! Jack is a great fan with outfit,tools and all. He may build or fix something one of these days for you ! I do think Jack is so much better looking with those curls around his hat(: I know he will LOVE this picture!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I wish you could have seen his reaction. There was complete silence and an actual jaw drop. He wants me to tell you that he loves you in the sun and in the rain and in the moon. Also he would like to know if Handy Manny told you where his tools were? He was concerned. And finally, that this picture is really special. Good work Aunt Jen!

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