“Welcome to California”

So, here’s the update so far: the drive wasn’t too bad. The first day was full of LOTS of “How many more minutes?” We tried to convince Carson that he needed to start thinking in HOURS. For some reason, he kept saying “Welcome to California!” But both days we were able to stop at a rest stop and have our picnic lunch. The first day we had gorgeous weather and we ran around and Trent even played some ball with the kids. It was a great break. We all look a little worse for wear since we got up at 3:30 am and got straight into the car!

Little port-a-potties? Genius! That stretch between Sacramento and the Grapevine is torture–not very many clean stops. 🙂

First stop?

We’re spending the weekend with my aunt & uncle who live near the beach. We had gorgeous weather yesterday and had a blast hanging out and building sand castles.

The 2 architects…

Tomorrow we’re off to the happy place on earth! Gonna go pack our picnic lunches!


  1. Ethan and I just looked at your pictures together. Looks like a great time so far. I love the last picture. I’m so excited for you guys tomorrow! I know you’ll have a blast!
    CarCar, please say hello to Goofy for me.

  2. Cute pics and I am excited for more! And by the way, crazy girl, if that picture of you is what you call “worse for wear” then your haircut is nothing short of SUPER-CUTE! Because your waking up at 3:30 hair looks like that…you have NOTHING to worry about. PURTY!

  3. Sun? Green grass? Short sleeves and shorts? The beach?

    I don’t know weather to hate you or be happy for you. LOL!

    Hope you have fun, because I’m sitting in another blizzard (with another one on the way for Saturday).

    Enjoy the warmth!

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