The Golden Ticket

More good news! We got our I797C! Don’t worry, 10 months ago, that wouldn’t have meant anything to me, either. Basically, it’s THE paper we needed to be ready for a referral. We filed the I-800A, which asks the US to approve us as adoptive parents, to say that we’re cool to adopt a baby from a Hague Convention country. We got fingerprinted by Homeland Security, and now we are approved to be matched with a child of either geneder, under 18 months at time of referral and under 3 years at time of taking custody.

Just to be clear, referral is when we are matched with a child. We’ll get pictures and a name and some medical information. This will happen probably this June. This will be a HUGE. DEAL! This is NOT when we travel to Thailand and get to bring our baby home. That will take another 9-10 months of paperwork between both countries. The Thai gov has to approve US as the child’s parents, saying we can take the child out of Thailand, and the US gov has to approve THIS specific child, saying we can bring him/her into the US. Apprently this can not take place on over email. 😉

The other evening I was tearing up as I told Trent about this family’s surprise referral of a baby girl right before Christmas. Carson’s ears perked up and he looked over with wide eyes and said “What? Are we getting a girl?” We said, no, we’re talking about another family. “Oh, okay,” he said with a smile. “But don’t forget: I want a baby brother.” 🙂 Noted.


  1. Oh Jen! This is a HUGE deal. Every little bit of red tape brings you one step closer to your little one. I am so happy for you. As for Carson, well, don’t tell him what’s happening to Josh who wanted a brother. 🙂

  2. Every step and piece of paperwork is a BIG deal because it gets us closer!! So excited for you! I will have to check on that one. I know we did the fingerprints and I-800A form, but the one you are talking about is not familiar to me. I will have to check on that! Great news!! We will our a referrals soon and get to show off our pictures too!! So glad to have another mom totally understand all I am going through and what I am talking about! 😉 PRAYING FOR JUNE!

  3. Every little step is a STEP in the right direction to getting your little one! We can’t wait to put the photo of your baby on our fridge in anticipation. We are already praying for him/her.

  4. Yay! That’s exciting! We’re in the process of renewing ours….I doubt you guys will end up having to do that (thankfully!) Congrats on the hurdle conquered.

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