I gotta SHING!

Sometimes, pictures just don’t do justice to a moment. This is one of those times. For all of you who never see Sydney doing anything other than being coy and shy, I present to you her debut musical number: “I Gotta Sing.” The first act is part duet, and is rather mellow:

Then Carson wanted to get in the picture with his own piece, as he is an aspiring singer/songwriter. It really was quite sweet, as the first words you missed were: “It’s not about the presents…”

But then the Diva took it to the next level as big Bro decided to work some magic behind the camera. He’s working in directing her music video.

And the finale is, like many finales, more screaming and less singing. It was explosive and brought the audience to their feet.

Be looking for her on Broadway in approximately 19 years.


  1. That is AWESOME! The very last note, and the expression on her face after it, were priceless. Look at her holding that mic right up to her mouth in true Ekk fashion. And Carson, with his rendition of “Jesus died on the cross” nearly brought me to tears. Brilliant!

  2. I made Chad watch these with me and we were laughing so hard! Few thoughts:
    1. A diva is born.
    2. Sometimes you really do just GOTTA SING.
    3. We should of just purchased them cooking utensils for their stocking stuffers.

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