My Christmas Miracle

You gotta understand, I have been wanting professional family photos for YEARS. We had some done when Carson was 10 months old. Since then we’ve burdened family members and friends to have mini-shoots, but the lighting was never perfect, and the subjects were far from cooperative. We’ve had a few gems (like the one at the top of this blog, taken by my bro), but as we were sending in family pictures for our adoption paperwork, I realized I had nothing recent that I liked. I’ve seen a few up-and-coming photographers, some friends on Facebook, that do really great work, but a lot of them require you to order all or most of your prints through them. I like to have a digital copy of my very own. (Control freak? Perhaps.)
Then I saw some great family shots of some friends of ours. I went to their photographer’s web site and she was having a special that included 15 jpgs with print permission as part of the package. That was the one! She admitted it was a one-time deal and she would probably never be offering it again. But that’s what I had been waiting for, so we made arrangements.
I was stressed and anxious about the weather, the clothing, the hygeine, the facial expressions, the behavior–I SO wanted them to turn out after all the waiting! Bottom line? I’m a happy girl. This is my Christmas miracle:

The password is “tompkins2010”


  1. OH.MY.GOSH. These are absolutely AMAZING!!! So here I am sitting here on my lunch reading your blog…and unexpectedly tearing up while I look at these photos–they so perfectly capture your family. The love, the beauty (internal and external), and each of your individual personalities! LOVE THESE and so happy you got your “Christmas Miracle.”

  2. SUCH fantastic photos, Jen – I bet you were just bursting with pride when you saw your gorgeous family! I love the shots of Carson and Sydney looking over the porch rail, there’s some kind of 1950s vibe to it, and the two of them on the park bench. So happy for you, since I know how elusive the perfect family photo can be! And now you have a gazillion!

  3. LOVE THEM!!!! I’m sold. You are the second person in the past few weeks whose had a professional photoshoot turn out amazing. I have got to do this!!!

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