We’re number SIX! We’re number SIX!

Whew! I’m exhausted from waiting to find this out, but today we heard that FIVE Thai children from Holt were matched with FIVE waiting families, which means we’ve moved up from #11 to #6 on THE LIST! This is wonderful news! Each day since about the 10th I’ve casually looked through my inbox for anContinue reading “We’re number SIX! We’re number SIX!”

Countdown #23–Magic at the Mill

We were given a couple of free tickets to a local even that I’d heard of, but never attended. There is a large museum downtown that is one of the longest running and oldest wool mills in the country. They also moved some historic houses on the site and have historically accurate furnishings, decor, etc.Continue reading “Countdown #23–Magic at the Mill”

Adoption Fundraising Update

I know it’s sometimes uncomfortable and awkward to talk about money, but talking and asking is the only way we’ll get through this, so I want to keep you informed of our progress. Most people have been completely understanding, gracious and generous about the financial aspect of this, and you have no idea HOW MUCHContinue reading “Adoption Fundraising Update”

Countdown #14: Fancy Dinner

Today’s Christmas countdown activity was for us to have a “Fancy Dinner” where we all dress up and have candles and sparkling cider. Carson was delightfully involved and excited about this all afternoon. Sydney, too, was getting in on the action, especially since she got a new princess dress from Abby today. She was changingContinue reading “Countdown #14: Fancy Dinner”