The Annual Tree Hunt

Aw! Love this. Sydney was not dressed for photo ops. Free candy canes and chocolate milk on her face add to the, uh, eclectic look she’s sporting. But she’s getting loved on and she’s happy–despite her facial expression.

“Sisters…sisters…there were never such devoted sisters!”

Love my boy.
And my other boy. Cutie patooties!

Grandpa Phil helped us get our tree home and up. Here’s a priceless 3 generations shot cutting the twine off the bundled tree. And yes. Trent’s “work pants” are an old pair of Old Navy khaki cargo pants.

Let Christmastime begin in the T household!


  1. I LOVE traditions that are passed down in families. Our day is next Sunday aft. I got my boots ready. If I remember right I chopped down my own tree last year. I’m playing all the years we went with our little girls growing up in my mind. Keep making memories!

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