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On Friday we got our quarterly update from Holt, and four children from Holt Sahathai in Thailand were matched with their forever families! They were matched with other families on The List. That means that we have moved up four places on The List and are now at number eleven! (I’m pretty sure–I’m waiting on confirmation.) I think it’s a false sense of activity frequency, though, since we just got ON the list within the last month. We won’t get another update and no other families will receive referrals until December, then March. I’m anticipating a “match” in June. To be honest, I’ll be devastated if we are not matched then, but that is a definite possibility. There’s a teeny chance of a March match, but that would have to be if tons of families in front of us in line only requested girls, and I’m kinda thinking that is not the case, so I’m not even letting myself think about it.


But any movement is a step in the right direction! So we continue to celebrate, continue to work on those grant applications (SO. MANY. PAGES!), continue to fill out immigration paperwork, and continue to pray for our child, his birthmother, his foster family and our current family unit as we prepare our new child and sibling. It will all be worth it in the end.


PS: I don’t have a fun fundraiser at this time, and we’re not set up with a tax-deductable option YET (soon!), but I thought I would mention that we will soon be writing a check for $830 for our immigration papers. This is the first time we’ll be digging really deep into our own savings to cover a large payment. If you feel led to donate to our cause, we’d be forever grateful! You can give through paypal by clicking the link on the right side of this blog, “Our Thai Adoption Fund.” If it’s not an option for you at this time..stay tuned! They’ll be plenty of other times and other non-financial ways to show your support. Thank you!


  1. Shad and I worked with Trent at church on Sunday. He told us the exciting news. So happy for you! Every little steps get you that much closer to bringing your little one home.

  2. OH Jen I’m so excited for you guys! I know it doesn’t necessarily mean things are gonna speed up or continue at that same rate (even though it’s hard for me not to get antsy thinking about it), but at least there is progress, right? And what your mama is said is so true…God’s timing is PERFECT! Love you friend!

  3. I am so interested in learning more about the Thai adoption process. Why are the waits for referrals so long? We are trying to figure out if we qualify to adopt from any country on earth (and want to do special needs) and are finding lots of closed doors but I’m curious about how long ago you turned your paperwork in?

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