Forced laughter

We’re having another rough day here in the T household. I’m going to try to take my own advice, think about the big picture, take a deep breath and focus on something funny. I’m using my precious 30 minutes of quiet time for this. Nothing about today is funny yet, so I’ll need to pull from other situations. Last night when I was falling asleep I felt something in my cheets. It was a Mike Wazowski figurine–you know, from Monsters, Inc? It made me chuckle. It made me think of all the random places I’ve found things placed by my kids. I thought I’d make a list of all I could think of.

I have found:
-Mike Wazowski in my sheets
-grapes in the oven
-play-doh in my coffee
-my camera in my shoe in the closet
-Mr. Potatohead’s ear in Syd’s diaper (that she was wearing)
-keys in the garbage and also by the back fence
-crayon in the garbage disposal
-plastic corn on the cob in the dishwasher
-Minkee in the recycling bin
-shoes in the bathtub
-my jewelry and various toys in the toilet
-sippy cup in Carson’s dresser drawer
-wooden spoons under the bed
-goldfish and cheerios every where i ever step throughout the whole livelong day
-dinosaurs under my pillow
-lens cap under the slide
-Wii driving wheel (for Mariocart) in Sydney’s crib

That’s all I can think of right now. What crazy placements can you add to this list? Please. I need the distraction.


  1. At my age I have to say I am the kid that makes the crazy placement list most of the time in this family! I love the little paper weight my dear mom-in-law had on her desk it said “I’ll be right back. I went to look for myself.” First on my list is me when I stand in the pantry and I don’t know what I’m doing there or I have opened the fridge and found my make-up bag . I am sure our dog Benji did it and not me again. I hope this little note brings you a chuckle. Love you mucho!!

  2. He’s only 13 months so this behavior has only just begun… So far, he is super fond of stealing my iPhone and shoving it under the couch or the rug in the living room. I have found a plastic bowl under the rug in front of he kitchen sink. He puts stow-a-way toys in the stroller basket. He puts his little shape toys inside his shoes.

    This is unrelated but he super duper likes to take the empty paper towel rolls and TP rolls and “talk” into them. I should note that he was never coached or even shown this… it is instinctive.

    Have a super Wednesday. 🙂

  3. Alex likes to put his blanket in the freezer. And, lately he’s started putting a shirt in the freezer and then putting it on while it’s cold. Strange boy.

  4. You might not even know that I read your blog. I think I found it through Carrie’s. But I have a 6.5 year old boy and he and Carson seem to have many things in common. Here are a few strange places I’ve found my son…
    – Sliding down the banister (in his underwear)
    – Stuck on the fence talking to the neighbor kids (also in his underwear)
    – Upside down on the couch watching tv (usually in his underwear)
    – reading a book on the toilet (when he was about 4… completely naked this time)
    – sheepishly walking back from the neighbors, where he had gone without permission (you guessed it… in his underwear)

    I know today’s a different day, and most likely not as difficult as yesterday, but I figured we can always use a laugh. Hang in there mama!

    Patience Burkum

  5. Let’s just say, I’m reading your blog cause’ I too need a distraction (and I’m on vacation for crying out loud!)

    But your thoughts did remind me of one time when Curtis and I were out of town and I pulled out my shoes from my suitcase, went to put them on, and found 2 of Lexi’s blocks inside my right shoe. And yes, it made me tear up.

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