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Whew! We survived Syd’s birthday party. Our little “family” party that used to be a cozy 10 adults is now running about 30 people. But man, do we feel blessed to have so many people love our kids!
Sydney has shown very little consistent preference towards any character or theme. The only things she’s expressed favoritism towards is Barney videos on Netflix and the book Pinkalicious. I’ll give you ONE GUESS as to which of those themes I chose for her party!The cupcakes didn’t turn out like I had planned. Long story. It involves a major learning curve with a certain frosting, which you are supposed to only put on the cakes hours before serving. That equals: last minute panic! I’ll tell you what though, Martha-Stewart-Swiss-Meringue-Buttercream-Frosting! I have your number, lady. I’ve got you figured out, and next time I will CONQUER YOU!
Of course, the Birdie was showered with all sorts of lovely things. Have you read this book? Have a kleenex handy!

I love this pic of Sydney inspecting her new Sleeping Beauty costume. Her first real dress-up costume!

I also love this pic of her brother trying on the high heels.

Syd has learned a lot in the last 12 months. For one, that cake is good and she should not hesitate in eating it.

Pretty in Pinkalicious!


  1. Oh Jen. She is so beautiful. I can’t believe she is already two. And also, the party looks perfect! Pinkalicious might be might favorite book too. In fact, I think that might be the theme for my next party! 🙂

  2. Hi, Jen! Just thought I’d breeze through some blogs tonight, and I enjoyed reading about Syndey’s birthday party. She’s adorable! Loved the pictures. The cupcakes looked amazing!

  3. Happy Birthday Syd! Nice job with the cupcakes Jen. They look and sound delish! Pinkalicious was the start of a love affair for us…followed by Purplicious and Goldilicious. So cute! But even cuter is that last pic of Sydney!

  4. RED HAIR PIG TAILS AND PINK FROSTING = OH SO CUTE !! I also got a big smile seeing the picture of Carson wearing high heels and his look to the camera.

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