Not really a question: not really an answer.

When I was preggo with Carson, a friend gave me a really sweet book called The Day You Were Born, with places throughout the book for pictures and little places to write in details about the day…well, you get that part. For him: September 22.

When Sydney was born, I ordered the same book and filled it with pics and info about June 26.

Today we were looking at Sydney’s book and talking about that day. Everyone was sweet and sappy and smiling as we reminisced. I asked Carson if he remembered the day Sydney was born. He said “Yeah.” Then he paused, got a very quizzical look on his face, looked straight into my eyes and said, “But I don’t remember exactly how she got out of your tummy.”

[blank face. long pause.]

“Mmmhmm. Yeah. What DO you remember about that day? Remember when you came into the hospital room and got to meet her? And you brought her a present? And Daddy let you hold her, and….”

Distraction successful.

For now.


  1. Curious is right! Ah, our boys. Judah’s asked clarifying questions about Miss Josephine’s birth as well. I turn it back on him: “How do you think it happened?” and follow it up with “Well, she just came out” with a sweeping motion from my stomach, down and out. He’s asked for more clarification, which I just play dumb and say/do the same thing. Then another “oooh, shiny object” distraction comes along by that point. 😀

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