Discovering the iPod.

Sydney chews with her whole face. She also has a frequent tendency to bite of WAY more than she can chew (literally) and realize this mid-chomp, and decide to spew it all out. Where? Oh, anywhere. Her lap, the table, my hand, the floor, if we’re lucky: her plate. Fortunately, in this vid, she held it together.


  1. A girl after my own heart – I can’t live without my ipod. I can live without a cell phone, a microwave, and now a camera (as I have proven over the past few months). But if the ipod breaks, emergency fund gets raided!

  2. You know that everyone is excited to help you becuase you’d do the same for any of us, and we can’t be more excited about how you’re being obedient to God’s direction for your family. What a family you have! That Sydney chewing her food- so funny! And I know I’m bias, but what a doll she is- just wanna hug her right now.

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