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I’m beginning to make the rounds of some blogs that I’ve been lurking, asking for their permission to link from my blog. Soon I’ll have enough to make a neat little list on the side! Right now I thought I’d tell you about a few.

I am loving reading all kind of blogs that talk about adoption from different angles, but of course I’m especially drawn to blogs by parents who are or have adopted from Thailand. The night we first realized that we were very seriously drawn to Thailand as our child’s birth country, I went googling. 🙂 I found THIS BLOG by Kyle and Robin. I spent at least an hour reading back through their postings and their adventure with Tea. I was completely captivated. See, my favorite thing to do with these blogs is scroll back and back until I find the postings about their trip to Bangkok to meet and bring home their kiddos. It’s fascinating, thrilling and heartbreaking reading these stories. I immediately commented on Robin’s blog and corresponded with her a bit. She’s already been a help to me. Their positive experience with Holt and with Thailand got my heart pounding, feeling it was like a confirmation. They brought Tea home the same month I gave birth to Sydney. As soon as they were able, they applied to adopt another little person from Thailand through Holt. They are awaiting travel approval for little brother, Pea!

Chandra is a blogger who found me! She and her husband adopted a beautiful daughter from Thailand, Penny, and it has been so neat to read about Penny’s homecoming to her forever family. Penny’s a little older than a lot of the children adopted from Thailand, and she seems to be doing so well.

It’s especially fun to read about a family who just recently had their “gotcha day” with the child they’ve been praying and waiting for. This family have been home with their little Button for one month! I love Rosemary’s honesty, documenting the good and the difficult aspects of having a newly adopted toddler in the house. One thing I really was glad to read was from a post Rosemary wrote while they were in Thailand. Each adoptive family gets the opportunity to meet the foster family who has been caring for their child for many months. This particular foster family has fostered 10 children with Holt Sahathai Foundation, and 8 of the children were able to be returned to their birth families. Two (including Button), were adopted to American families.

This is great news to me, because it tells me that our agency works hard to find the best solution for the child. They do not match a child with adoptive parents unless they have exhausted all possibilities for them to be cared for in Thailand. Part of the reason it takes the better part of the child’s first year before they are matched with adoptive parents is that the agency and the Thai government are confirming the child’s status as an orphan, and making sure that adoption is the best choice for this child. Hearing this story about the foster children confirms what I’ve read many times on Holt’s material: they find families for children, not children for families. I love knowing that by the time we are matched to a child, we truly will be the best choice for him. And I can already feel in my gut that pursuing and waiting for him (or her) was the best choice for us!


  1. I have such fond memories of Holt and the years my dear in-laws had with them. The people that work there are truly called. I still can’t believe that years later those I love so much would be with Holt agency ! God is so good!!!

  2. That’s funny, I know the It’s Almost Naptime blog through some folks who adopted from Ethiopia. Small world! I’m glad that with each step on the journey the Lord is confirming the path He’s called you both to. Excited to keep up on it all!

  3. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying our blog. Let me tell you, adoption is quite the adventure! But, it is so worth it when you can see the difference you are making in the life of one child. Penny has changed in so many positive ways. It’s amazing to see the transformation! It’s not easy, but it seems like God has already been preparing you for the adventure ahead. This was my first experience at being a mom. Sometimes I think, “What in the world was I thinking? How can I do this?” But then my child’s hugs and kisses and love make up for all of the trying moments.

  4. Thanks for mentioning us. =) I remember feeling just the way you do. I read Hannah’s blog ( obsessively while we were waiting for our referral. The week they were in Bangkok I was useless at work, and spent all my time talking to my co-worker about their experience. I was totally hooked and could not get enough. Following her, April, and then eventually other bloggers, helped so much, as there was no one in my “real life” who could relate. It’s pretty wonderful to be a part of this little family. Glad you’ve joined us!

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