We’re in!

Got an email last night welcoming us to the Thailand adoption program. Our application and our family have officially been accepted and now we’re really on our journey to our little Thai baby. Yeah!


  1. I’m very excited for you and Trent, Carson and Sydney. What an exciting journey you’re on. Adoption is such a special thing. Our oldest son is adopted, as well as my two nephews. Thanks for blogging about it!!

  2. Just got goosebumps in reading what you said about feeling God’s direction so strongly in this. We are with you and praying along side you and cannot wait for the day when we can love on another babe!

  3. So glad you are posting your milestones in your adoption road, Jen! We are praying for you guys as you walk it! Can’t wait for grandbaby number 5!

  4. One hurdle down! If anyone can do this, you guys can. Not only are people praying for you guys but they’re being influenced by you. You have no idea yet the impact this journey is going to have. Can’t wait for the next step!:)

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