Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

….when “we” need to make dinner, so “we” allow “our” son to play with an old ball of yarn that he found from that one month five years ago when “we” thought knitting sounded like fun, and then “our” son unspools the entire 200 yards throughout the house, wrapping it around everything from the bed to the toilet to the tv to the front door knob to the couch to “our” daughter. A very, very, VERY tangled web indeed.

(Just in case my wordy, witty humor confused you, we=me.)


  1. These days make the best memories! It made my day picturing Carson deciding what to tie up next. Three cheers for the awesome mom who just let him have fun with yarn!! Love that boy (:

  2. hahah! that reminds me of an episode of biggest loser where players rode a bus to a playground, during student-teacher week. allison had the teachers tangle 1000 feet of ribbon around the playground equipment. students drew to find out which ribbon they had to untangle and the first one to unravel the ribbon won immunity. the teachers twisted their ribbon around hard-to-reach places hoping to make the web impossible to untangle. when students prepared to draw for the ribbon they’d have to unwind, allison surprised them with a twist: they’d have to unwind their own ribbon. blindfolded. BACKFIRE! (laughing with you) :0)

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