We’ve had a really fun diversion for the last couple of months. Carson took a class at the community center. We called it “gymnastics” but it was kind of pre-gymnastics. I also call it “get out of the house and let my kid run around for 55 minutes under someone else’s supervision.” The best part was that it was a STEAL! $25 for 3 days a week for 2 months. Turns out that was actually a little TOO frequent for our family, and we missed a few days, but it was well worth the money.
Carson LOVED it. It’s good for me to see him in situations like this, because he seems to do really well in group environments. (Hear this mama breath a hugh sigh of relief.) He saves his dark side for the private sector. Carson was a great listener, he was motivated by the action to obey his teachers quickly, and he was a quick study. These pics aren’t fantastic, but I think they really capture Carson’s excitement.

The teachers (2 college guys) did a good job of being patient with a bunch of preschoolers and challening them.

There were about 8 kids enrolled, but usually averaged about 4-5 at a time. They did LOTS of obstacle courses.

Carson got really confident at walking across these “beams.” There was another set that was even higher than this one!

And this is what Sydney and I did each time! What you don’t see is a stroller tray full of goldfish crackers that usually kept her going. Soon it will be her turn!


  1. I loved seeing how engaged Carson was during the few times that I took him. I hope you sign up for the next class! Yay for the Kroc Center!

  2. i love the expression on carson’s face whenever you post pictures where he’s concentrating. i see so much of his paralanguage in his hands. and that pic of poor syd sitting on the side reminds me of high school basketball games. i rode the bench a lot and all i could think about riding the pine was, “come on coach, put me in, put me in!!!”

  3. OK…I’m not sure that I could walk on a balance beam that high! Way to go Carson…and Sydney is just too cute! I wanna hug her right now!

  4. That’s so cool! I need to get my kids into something like that. Did you have to be in district of your community center? We’re not in district for any of them, so they want us to pay a fee, and then for the class as well. That really is a steal- glad Carson’s having so much fun!!!

  5. I see moves from the movie “Karate Kid” to those that have watched this older movie. Carson has already mastered these moves and of course we all need our cheerleaders like a dear mom and awesome sister!

  6. right when i was reading this post my kids walked in. ….million questions – who is that, what are they doing, i want to do that too! all that to say – looks like carson had a blast and my kids wish they could too! 🙂

  7. Carson has some skills! My favorite is the 3rd one where he’s balancing on one leg looking up. I don’t think I can do that =). Also gotta love little sis watching her brother. How cute!

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