Strange Milestone

Strange milestone: awkward conversation with a stranger about adoption. Check. Yesterday we all trucked down to the Oregon State Police building to get fingerprinted for local and state background checks. (Another one for federal FBI coming later.) We sat patiently–as patiently as you can sit with 2 small children–in a small room the size ofContinue reading “Strange Milestone”

Monkey & Birdie living together in harmony

If I’m to believe what I’ve been told, we’ve got another 18 years or so of my kids fighting. Even at this young age, they’ve mastered the art of driving each other nuts (and therefore driving me nuts). I don’t know if it’s universal, but I know it’s the same scenario that played out inContinue reading “Monkey & Birdie living together in harmony”

Why does [this] adoption cost so much?!

As I’ve told the story of our decision to adopt several times in the last month, others seem as shocked as we were at the cost for an international adoption. I cannot speak for anyone else’s experience, but I thought I would give a list and description of fees, as explained to us by ourContinue reading “Why does [this] adoption cost so much?!”

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

….when “we” need to make dinner, so “we” allow “our” son to play with an old ball of yarn that he found from that one month five years ago when “we” thought knitting sounded like fun, and then “our” son unspools the entire 200 yards throughout the house, wrapping it around everything from the bedContinue reading “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…”