Filler post.

This was day #2 of “mattress in the living room” fun. Carson would stand at the laundry room door and run to do a somersault on the mattress. Sydney would mimic Carson. I was trying desperately to get a pic of them standing side-by-side at the door, b/c I thought it was cute. As usual, I didn’t get the picture I’d hoped for, but the runners up are good blog filler.
Here’s Carson explaining how to do a forward roll. Sydney looking rather lanky, getting ready for her big move. Also showing off her wispy fly-away hair.

Finally held still long enough to snap a pic!

Have you noticed all my photo shoots end with a picture strangely similar to this?


  1. There may be day 10 of matress in the living room. When I was growing up it was a peanut butter sandwich in the table tent in the living room. I passed it on to Sarah and Becky. I bet your the coolest mom to Carson and Sydney!!

  2. Jen, I know this is totally random… (btw, love the pics of the kids and the mattress jumping!:) I just didn’t know how else to quickly get a hold of you. I know that your friend Kristen is in Haiti and I am praying. Even as I write that I am choking up, because I can only imagine the intensity of the situation she’s in right now. I’m alerting our prayer warriors as well. Please keep us updated in any way that’s convenient for you. Love you! Praying you have a peaceful day as you await more news.


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