All day, people. All day.

This is a totally random video, but very “day in the life” if you will. Our neighbors gave us a barely used twin mattress that we plan to switch with Carson’s rather old mattress. It’s been in the garage for a few days, but Trent thought it would be fun to bring it into the living room the other night and let the kids jump on it. It was a big hit and I took lots of little vids. I thought this not-particularly eventful clip gives you an idea of the energy level that these kids have all the time.


  1. Love it! Also, I would now like to go jump on a bed myself…

    I feel like it is noteworthy to tell you that I asked Henry who was in the video and he said “SYDNEY!” And then I stared at him for a bit… and then I asked, “Who else?” And THEN he said, “Carson.” Hmmm… a budding romance??

  2. Okay, now picture TWO Carsons jumping up and down all day with no desire to nap at all anymore and a very pregnant and exhausted mummy sitting in the corner looking defeated and you have my life in a nutshell!

    It did look like fun though. Maybe I should just take the “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach and start jumping around too? (and when I say “beat them”, I really don’t mean physical violence, honest.)

    Happy Hopping,

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