Four…so far.

I can’t tell if it’s the simple addition of preschool into our lives (and all the book orders, field trips, fundraisers and drop off/pick ups that includes) or if it’s just fall and schedules really pick up, but we have felt SO BUSY lately! Thanks for those who commented on my last post. For a couple days there was one comment and I was beginning to think my venture onto a serious topic had alienated all of you. 🙂 I just haven’t had much time to blog, let alone good pictures to post. These still are not great pics, but they will hold over all of you gmas/gpas & aunts/uncles.
Here’s a pic of Carson & Daddy playing with one of his birthday gifts: a frisbee that lights up in the dark. It was the night after his party, when the weather was still warm, obviously. Here he’s playing with another present, some sidewalk chalk from Nina.
We’ve had more angry sibling encounters lately, but most of the time, these 2 still get along famously. Sydney is getting older–she’s 15 months–and is pretty much walking exclusively, and is a toddler! She pushes buttons and boundaries and wants to investigate any off-limits item from the computer’s power button to her brother’s toys. But here’s a few out-of-focus pics of them in happier times.

I SO wish this one was in focus!

It turns out that deciding to do preschool has been a great decision. Carson is totally thriving. I think the fact that he is the oldest in his class really helps. Those few months are not a lot, but with only 3-4 years of life, they provide a teensy bit of maturity. Whatever it is (stellar parenting?!?), his teachers have been telling me what an easy student he is, what a huge help he is, that he went out of his way to be especially kind to a new boy in class. One teacher even said he is “the model student.” I was happy, but honestly, a little surprised, and I told her so. Remembering THAT VERY MORNING he had a complete and total meltdown where I had to physically pick him up, kicking and screaming, and take him to a time-out in his room where he was throwing things at the door in anger. And this was because it was raining and I told him he needed to choose shoes that were not flip-flops. So, yeah, I was a tad bit surprised. When I told her Carson was strong-willed she said “Are you kidding me?!” And I looked at her, trying to be sure she wasn’t being sarcastic and I said, “Are YOU kidding ME?” I don’t care. I’m thrilled. I hope the magic continues!
Swimming lessons are another story, but I’m running out of time, so I’ll blog about that next time.
So many people I see occasionally say “Her hair is so much redder in person!” Don’t know if you can see here, but it is pretty red. And my cheap camera is pretty lousy.

Look at this one for a minute until you see a cute face.

Loving the sunny fall weather!

“Smile, Carson!”

“I said, ‘SMILE’ Carson!”

Guess who’s getting some teeth?! Can you tell by the drool?

Watching brother’s antics.

Love that smile!


  1. Sweet Jen,
    Amazing how much a mom can do. I am rembering those days with a warm fuzzy feeling. Good job Jen!
    Thank you for posting these dear pictures.

  2. I remember the day JJ’s teachers asked, ‘Um, does he talk at home?’ I stared for a while because I thought they were joking: “Does he ever *stop* talking? is more like it.” Turns out their home-selves and public-selves are very different starting at such early ages. I was always glad folks liked him: he had other places to look for affirmation when he wouldn’t be getting it from me. 🙂

    Oh, those darling red and golden-haired babes!

  3. Oh, your comments about Carson and preschool were exactly my sentiments about Alexa. I had been very honest in the pre-evaluation about her stubborn nature and willingness to disrupt life. They, however, never saw ONE instance of that the entire year. So crazy. Even crazier? This transition to 1st grade is killing us–she’s decided it’s time for her public debut of her private self. Needless to say, she’s not getting a warm reception from many. And it’s so hard on us. Thankfully, it’s 1st grade and she didn’t wait until she was 13 or headed to college. May the rough edges be worn off by then! Amen and amen.

  4. You have once again motivated me to get my blog back in order after a week without an update! Your kids are dolls! And I do believe that it is stellar parenting because you guys have obviously prepared Carson for the real world, as far as a 4 year old can be placed out into the real world. Keep up the great work!

  5. Just returned from a Women of Faith weekend where I took pictures of my cherished grandbabies to show off. Love returning and finding a new post with lots of grandkid photos! Thanks Jen! We love them…blurry or not. Mom/JoJo

  6. Great pictures! I loved seeing the ones of Carson and Sydney looking at each other. Isn’t it fun watching your kids interact with each other. So cute!

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