Sydney took her first steps!

Before this, she literally had taken only one half-step. To steal a phrase from Toy Story, it really was “falling with style.” Then all of a sudden she was busting out three or four in a row this evening. Of COURSE my good camcorder was surprisingly out of battery juice. GRRRR. But, this other camera has quicker upload, which is good news for all of you. Please enjoy and cheer from your own computer chairs:

As you can tell by the voiceover, Carson was having some jealousy issues with Sydney getting so much attention. The same thing happened the first time she started crawling. He was grabbing the camera, pulling my hair, trying to sit on me, etc. Sigh. I guess that’s his job, right? Can’t let sis steal his thunder! Oh well. That’s life with siblings!

I should know. Mike is seriously ALWAYS stealing my thunder… 😉


  1. Go back and look at vids of Carson at this stage. I remember how he would be waving one of his hands as if to help him keep his balance for each step. (Showing it to him might help some of the sibling/attention needs too. ;=)

  2. That’s awesome! It never gets old, does it?! I love those first steps. Oh, and I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for weeks, but have been using Bob’s computer which didn’t let me. (Not that you noticed the lack of my comments.:)) Anyway, so excited for Syd!

  3. I love to see and hear what proud looks and sounds like. There is nothing sweeter. Lots of proud for Sydney going on in Portland.
    Love, Nina

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