I’ve been trying to get a good video of Sydney dancing, because it’s darn cute. But, as you’ll see, she gets distracted pretty easily. Usually it’s her interest in the camera itself, and this particular night, Trent let her sit by the computer, so she was fascinated with the volume control. But you can getContinue reading

Say it a little louder. Canada didn’t hear you.

I tried to find a generic photo for this post, but there wasn’t a photo of a child with a megaphone large enough to do it justice! * You see, in the last week, we’ve had 2 incidents where Carson, completely innocently, has LOUDLY commented on another person’s appearance in public. And you all knowContinue reading “Say it a little louder. Canada didn’t hear you.”

There’s definitely a learning curve.

So, I have two functions this weekend for which I’m providing cupcakes. One is for company at my house tonight. Last night I decided to experiment with 2 different cupcakes styles, both merely decorative and not focusing on the taste of the cake. (Hello, Betty Crocker yellow cake mix!) I thought both would be reallyContinue reading “There’s definitely a learning curve.”

And quite a yummy hobby it is.

So, as mentioned in my last post, I’ve become very interested in cupcakes. I think it started with Sydney’s birthday cupcakes, which I was pretty proud of, even though they kept tipping over. Then, every time I went into costco, I was drawn the the beautiful pictures in Martha Stewart’s cupcake book. I saw someContinue reading “And quite a yummy hobby it is.”